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If you are residing outside of France and have previously worked in France and/or abroad, you can submit your pension application to Carsat Hauts-de-France if :


- You are a resident of Belgium or the Netherlands.
- You are a resident of a country other than Belgium or the Netherlands and :


  • Carsat Hauts-de-France began paying your retirement pension prior to 2008 and you now want to apply to the same entity for another entitlement (survivor’s retirement pension (“retraite de reversion”), elderly solidarity allowance
    (“Allocation de Solidarité aux Personnes Agées”/ Aspa), additional disability allowance (“Allocation supplémentaire d'invalidité”/ ASI), the flat top-up for dependent children (“majoration forfaitaire pour charge d'enfant”), etc. *



  • You have previously applied to Carsat Hauts-de-France for your retirement pension and been denied


In 2020, 6.6% of Carsat Hauts-de-France’s members were residing abroad.

As from 2018, Carsat Hauts-de-France is France’s National Old-Age Insurance Fund (CNAV)’s designated processing authority for Belgium and the Netherlands.
This means that Carsat Hauts-de-France will simplify your retirement process by communicating directly with the Belgian and Dutch pension authorities.


* Important: before you apply, check that you meet the income or residency requirements that apply to the entitlements listed above.